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What is FIDO?


What is FIDO?

  • FIDO is a tenacious and fast search application
  • FIDO stands for Find Information Direct Optimised
  • FIDO has been designed to help you facilitate access to content super quick, create bespoke magazines, reports, i-Journals
  • FIDO is your own intelligent tailored search and summarization service helping you monetise specific, new and archive content
  • FIDO helps you gain and keep the trust of your readership and members


What does kaimai's FIDO do?

FIDO filters and sifts through vast amounts of archive content to present relevant and valuable information efficiently. As a result, users can quickly and easily find the information they need without being inundated with irrelevant results. 

FIDO quickly sniffs out the most relevant content aligned to your search term.

FIDO then accurately summarises this content into your own bespoke magazine.

FIDO saves you time. You don't have to sift through hundreds and thousands of pages of documents, web pages, PDFs, word documents. FIDO does this for you, leaving you time to digest the key information quickly without going through the entire content.

FIDO brings you a streamlined, efficient, and personalized search experience, and garners applications across content monetisation, research acceleration, educational resources, and exclusive member benefits in the creative and many other industries

If you have content. Call FIDO.

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And there's more...

FIDO's capabilities extend beyond just summarising and searching for data. It provides various key tools like information retrieval, automatic content summarization, text clustering or classification, and topic search according to user requirements.

Another significant feature of FIDO is its focus on content recency. It incorporates freshness as a significant ranking criterion, ensuring that pertinent and up-to-date information is presented to users.

FIDO can go with you wherever you are. Take FIDO on your phone, your laptop, your tablet and he'll be there whenever you need to search for anything.

The techy bit:

FIDO works using advanced tried, tested and programmed artificial intelligence algorithms which optimize the search process.

FIDO is owned by kaimai who are a team of expert programmers and successful business leaders who have a shared love of digital innovation and a passion to bring the benefits of AI to the everyday, supporting business growth, creative industries, publishers, researchers, trade bodies, governmental organisations, start-ups, innovators. 

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