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Content Owners

Content Owners

The Time is Now...


Never before has there been so much content for people to access. 


Never before has there been so much distrust of online content too.


You as the content owner, know that YOUR content is carefully curated, tailored to your audience and is what your readers WANT to access.

Address the Problem

 How do you get more people to access your content, how do you monetise all the content you have, how do you set yourself above your competitors, how can you get more brand engagement?

"FIDO is your solution"
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Let FIDO help you find more customers and readers, let FIDO fetch all that archive and new data and deliver it to new and existing readers, let FIDO act as your brand ambassador globally, let FIDO encourage brand advocacy and trust.

Kaimai's FIDO, is a cutting-edge intelligent search and summarisation service that is specifically designed for YOU as the content owner!

FIDO is programmed by an amazing team of geniuses who understand how people need to access information quicker and quicker these days, and also that they want to TRUST what they are reading. 

You can also use it to help promote your conferences, new product launches, training courses and anything that you can add keywords to to help your sales. So just like you do when you write your SEO content, the same applies to FIDO, he looks for the juicy words that match the search term.

So what will YOU do when FIDO sits on YOUR website?

You can monetize your content in new ways, offer it as a member benefit, give it to your students, accelerate research efforts within your in house teams, showcase your brand to thousands more people, partner with sponsors, earn revenue, include QR codes for events, personalise the back page, change the cover art, align your brand.

With kaimai's FIDO sitting on the front of your website or membership area, or wherever you decide to put it (!), each of your users can generate their OWN magazine directly from your content!  

This will revolutionise how you publish and will unleash the revenue potential for your ENTIRE back catalogue! 

These PDF dynamic magazines can then be downloaded, printed, saved, forwarded by social media, email, and other messaging platforms so the beauty of digital and social connections means that your content has the potential to reach multiples of readers, not just the one user.

  • Do you have a back catalogue of articles, blogs, magazines, white papers that are just sitting dormant on your website or digital archive?
  • Do you have a readership and user base of over 1000?
  • You can monetise that content!
  • Imagine the difference this would make to your turnover and ability to grow or sell your business
  • Imagine the freedom that would create for you
  • PLUS we can set this up so you as the content owner can now generate profit every time your users access your content!
  • FIDO can also customise your content indexing options
  • Earn extra revenue selling access behind a subscription add-on, use it as a member benefit, upsell it to advertisers
  • Provision of an intellectually agile and bespoke search and summarisation service 

View our Demonstration Page to learn more.

Content owner search magazine

Earn extra revenue selling access behind a subscription,

use it as a membership benefit,

even upsell it to advertisers and sponsors.

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