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Here are the nuts and bolts, or rather the dog chews and biscuits behind how it works:

Kaimai's FIDO, is a cutting-edge intelligent search and summarisation service that is specifically designed for YOU as the content owner

FIDO is programmed by an amazing team of geniuses who understand how people need to access information quicker and quicker these days, and also that they want to TRUST what they are reading. 

Our in house team of programmers have decades of experience between them, and when AI, ChatGPT and all this emerged we were already working on something bigger and better.

Our programming team are pretty darn clever and they now use the best of the existing technology combined with our elite programming finesse and gave birth to FIDO, our reliable publishing pug!

How it works

When you sign up to kaimai's FIDO, there are two steps to adding it to your site. 

1. We give you a really simple dashboard (we like simple and straightforward here) where you can control everything, and do lots of fun stuff like run reports to see who is searching for what, change the relevancy parameters (that's how free or relevant you want the search term to be or how far back you want them to search). Also when you're familiar with how it works (we train you by the way, so no panic!) you can also add content and change the design of your "newspaper"!

2. There is a bit of code that you plop on your website. This bit of code is the search box that FIDO sits behind (you can think of it like his dog basket). When soeone comes along and enters a query in that search box, FIDO gets out the dog basket and goes fetch the data and delivers that person their own "newspaper".



Adding content to FIDO

Say you found more archive content or keep producing more content, that's not a problem! FIDO just carries on periodically scanning your site and content for any new material you've uploaded or linked to. When FIDO has found new content, he just takes it back and adds it to his database (or bookshelves if you like to think of it visually) and this is added to the content he searches through.

Alternatively, using our Admin Panel, you can add custom content into your sources for things you want to promote, publish or make available in addition to content accessible on your website. It's so exciting, you can use it to help promote your conferences, new product launches, training courses and anything that you can use keywords to help your sales; or just help customers or users/subscribers get the most from the achive of reports, publications and information you have aquired over time. So just like you do when you write your SEO content, the same applies to FIDO, he looks for the juicy words that match the search term.


How to put FIDO on your website

We have made this super simple too.

You have two choices.

There's the simple "standard" integration, where you just copy and paste the code you can see in your dashboard and every aspect of integrating FIDO onto your site will be handled for you!

Or.... we can design something super duper "bespoke" for you. This is where we bring out the Great Dane and the Afghan hound just for you! Our very clever programmers write totally customised code just for you, so FIDO looks, feels and acts exactly as you would like him to!

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