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Users and Researchers

Users & Researchers

Do you want to speed up your research?

Do you want reliable and trusted content?

FIDO helps you create your own report swiftly from a trusted virtual bookshelf of content. 

Say for instance you want to look at data about import trends, but want to know that the sources your search is looking at are reliable and trustworthy?

FIDO does just that:

  • FIDO searches within trusted, peer-reviewed, academic and respected trade and industry resources
  • FIDO checks the validity of hundreds of reports before any content is trusted by our team here too
  • FIDO saves you time.
  • and the best part... FIDO is FREE to you!
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How does it work?

You have access to 1000s of articles at the touch of a button!

  • Click on the link
  • Type in your search term and press enter
  • A couple of seconds later you will have your own report generated just like that, just for you!


  • FIDO helps you have quick access to your research history. Every time you search using FIDO, your own personal electronic magazine is saved for you.
  • FIDO speeds up research sharing – FIDO summarises your search results into an easy-to read PDF document which you can email, social share, print, post.
  • FIDO gives you access to thousands and thousands of documents from our partners
  • When you use bring FIDO into the research process FIDO can help researchers overcome the challenge of information overload and enhance productivity.
  • FIDO helps researchers easily filter through vast amounts of information and retrieve the most relevant and valuable data for their studies. Furthermore, FIDO addresses the issue of content relevancy in in web searches.
  • This ensures that users not only find information that is topically relevant but also up-to-date and current. Incorporating FIDO's intelligent search and summarization service into the research process can greatly benefit researchers in whichever industry you're in!
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