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FIDO search magazine brand generation tool

There are 2 ways you can benefit from FIDO as a brand

1. Access a defined targeted audience

  • Save time and money and stop trying to hunt down your audience, let FIDO help you deliver your marketing message straight into the hands of your potential customers
  • Don't waste marketing spend on an irrelevant audience, FIDO's audience is always pertinent to you
  • Improve your marketing KPIs, FIDO has a dashboard where you can see where and who searches for what and when
  • Tailor your advertising so it aligns perfectly with the newspaper content your customers are reading, FIDO can connect your brand with the correct content stream
  • Let your brand be seen to be supporting the right content. Are you eco-conscious? Do you want to align your brand with wellbeing in the workplace? We can also team you up with charities, good causes.
  • Does your brand serve a particular industry? We can also reach out to trade bodies on your behalf and align your marketing directly to their membership
  • If you are trying to reach an underserved market, but your brand or business has a niche offering, we can identify independent or academic publishers who have a real target niche market to help you get in front of your target audience.

2. Use FIDO as a Marketing Tool

Use FIDO to create your own newspaper or magazine for your brand or client

  • If your brand or business wants to create a newsletter or magazine, let FIDO do all the work for you
  • FIDO already has agreements with research and analyst houses and can deliver peer-reviewed research or content from industry reports into a newspaper for your brand
FIDO search engine research newspaper trust

Access 100,000s of people using FIDO

Every click acts as a multiplier. When someone uses FIDO, not only will that one user read the content, but they will save it, share it on social media, email it to their friends who also can email it on. Your brand stays with that PDF forever.

There are literally millions of pages of content on the internet now of businesses using FIDO, users and members from professional associations, institutions, publishers and students.

More benefits of FIDO for advertisers & brands 

  1. Targeted Content Delivery: FIDO's intelligent search and summarisation algorithms could help advertisers and brands deliver more targeted content to their audience by understanding their preferences and needs better.
  2. Authenticity and Trust: Brands can validate the content of their brands, ensuring their authenticity and reliability. This mechanism contributes to building trust with consumers, which is especially crucial for brands and advertisers. 
  3. Seamless User Experience: FIDO's capability to sift through vast amounts of data and provide relevant results can lead to a better, more personalised user experience. This improved interface can aid advertisers and brands in reaching, retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. 
  4. Market Research: FIDO’s capability to handle large data sets can potentially be used for market research. This can help brands and advertisers to understand market trends, competitors' strategies, and consumer behaviours. 
  5. Advertising: Brands could take advantage of FIDO’s reach into specific audiences. Whether through exclusive member access or more broadly researchers or educational users, brands have various ways to associate with the relevant content. 
  6. Product Development and Innovation: FIDO service helps in the emergence of new product development, innovation, and process enhancement through the collection of data.
Search brands and content copy
FIDO search engine brands exposure

The result is the user will be searching exactly for the exact search term that is relevant to your brand.

Targeted advertising

  • Your marketing message appears on the search engine UI and summarised output report
  • Your advertising campaign will be viewed by users fitting the profile of your target market 
  • You will be in front of EXACTLY your target market
  • Advertisers target their campaigns at the specific user profiles accessing the publishers content
  • Advertisers receive a higher ROI as their campaign is being targeted directly at potential customers which directly fit their target market.
  • Advertisers sponsor the search and summarisation engine
  • You can edit your adverts and adjust your inventory until you get the results you want
  • Bid for exclusive access!

Contact us now to see how it can increase your reach, improve your reach to a targeted audience, maximise on your ad spend, deliver better results.


Image by Racool_studio on Freepik