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Transforming Dormant Content into Dynamic Insights for Everyone with AI.

FIDO - powered by Kaimai

'Find Information Direct & Optimised'

FIDO [Find Information Direct and Optimized] is our cutting-edge AI plug-in that revolutionizes the way you distribute your new and archived content to your users and members in a matter of seconds.

Unlock the potential of millions of dormant web pages filled with archive content with FIDO, an innovative and personalized search and summarization service designed to:

- Monetize your content,

- Offer exclusive benefits to your members,

- Provide valuable resources to your students,

- Accelerate research efforts.

The choice is yours on how to leverage the power of your new and archived content. Witness the magic with a live demonstration now.

See a Demonstration now 

Can you afford not to monetise your NEW and ARCHIVE content?

How does it work?

  • FIDO takes centre stage as a search box on your website, ready to assist you in finding what you're looking for.
  • With a simple search query, FIDO springs into action, swiftly retrieving all the relevant content and transforming it into your very own interactive and shareable magazine. Just like a loyal dog fetching your newspaper, FIDO scours the web to gather the data you need and delivers it back to you as your personalized "newspaper".
  • The best part? Not only can you save it as a PDF or print it out, but you can also dive into the "newspaper" and explore the original content wherever it was originally stored.

Let us show you

Which are you?

Content owner search magazine


A Content Owner

Monetise your content. If you produce content, whether that’s magazines, journals, brochures, blogs, whitepapers and anything in between you can use FIDO to create custom-written, intelligent summarised magazines pulled from the content you have. 



An Advertiser

Access 100,000s of businesses using FIDO, users and members from professional associations, institutions, publishers and students.

Every click acts as a multiplier, not only will that one user read the content, but they will save it, share it on social media, email it to their friends who also can email it on. Your brand stays with that PDF forever. 

FIDO find information direct and optimised quick search 3


A User or Researcher

FIDO gives you your freedom back by helping you SAVE HOURS of research time.

FIDO is FREE to you!

FIDO speeds up research sharing – FIDO summarises your search results into an easy-to read PDF document which you can email, share, print or post.